Our Commitment to you as a guest

We are committed to make your visit on Bawbawon an unforgettable one.

Your safety and wellbeing is our main concern.

Our main target is to make your trip a great experience, that will bring you back to Bawbawon again soon.

Our Commitment to the community

We mainly employ and train local staff with the target to support the local community.

We support local businesses by purchasing food from local farmers, ranchers and fishermen.

We preserve the natural setting and indigenous landscape. We construct the physical property with minimal impact to the site.

We use locally sourced and sustainably harvested or recycled building materials as much as possible.

We use local craftsmen to build our resort.

We invest in renewable energy and environmentally sensitive water and waste disposal systems.

We embrace the rich and friendly culture of the Philippines and try to integrate and mirror it in our resort.


The natural beauty of this island demanded a careful development of the spot, living-up to the eco-tourism requirement for this area. From the water & electricity that comes to the island to the treatment of waste & sewage – we make sure, that we adhere to the high standards you can expect.